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I. Role of sensors in automotives industry

The automotive industry requires state-of-the-art technologies. Systems of coordinated machining centres, transport systems and industrial robots enable cost-optimised large-scale production and simultaneously meet individual equipment requests. Every single process in the complexity of automotive manufacturing – press shop, body-in-white, paint shop, powertrain and final assembly – must function reliably and with very high availability of all machines and installations.

Sensors and systems from IFM support automotive production with innovative technology and high quality standards. Temperature, pressure, level and flow sensors reliably monitor process media. Safety light grids, safety light curtains and fail-safe inductive sensors assure machine and operator protection e.g. on presses, robot cells and assembly stations. Precise detection of machine parts by inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and cylinder sensors. Vibration monitoring systems for plant wide condition based maintenance strategies. RFID systems, code readers and camera systems for material tracking and quality monitoring complete IFM product range.

II. IFM products in automotives industry

1. Press Shop

  • Electronic pressure sensor with analogue display for system pressure monitoring of hydraulic power packs (PG2451)
  • Compressed air meter for recording energy consumption (SD8000)
  • Inductive sensor for part detection on belt conveyors (IFR200)
  • Inductive sensor for position detection of interchangeable tools (GM701S; ID5058)
  • Electronic pressure monitor for monitoring suction grippers (PN7099)
  • Cylinder sensor with GMR cell monitoring the locking of transport frames (MK5108)
  • Safety light curtain for access restriction during de-stacking of sheet metal parts in racks (OY050S; OY089S)
  • Electronic pressure monitor for pressure monitoring in hydraulic power packs on the scrap press (PN7160)
  • Photoelectric distance sensor monitoring decoiling (O1D100)
  • Flow sensor for flow monitoring of oil in a strip washing plant (SA5000)

2. Body-in-white

  • Photoelectric distance sensor detecting body position (O5D100)
  • Fail-safe inductive sensor for axis range detection with limit fields (GG851S)
  • Diffuse reflection sensor for loading check on turntables (OGH500)
  • Photoelectric distance sensor for part present detection on material carriers (O1D105)
  • Electronic pressure monitor for pressure monitoring on suction grippers (PN7099)
  • Flow rate meter for gases  for shielding gas monitoring in welding equipment(SD5100)
  • Evaluation unit for temperature sensors temperature control for applying liquid PVC (TR2439)
  • Object recognition sensor for identification of car bodies and components (O2D220O2D222O2D224)
  • Electronic pressure monitor for compressed air monitoring on manipulators for assembly (PK6524)
  • Electronic level sensor monitoring the level of cleaning agents (LK8124)
  • Acceleration sensor monitoring of drives in lifts (VSA001)

3. Painting

  • Diffuse reflection sensor for optical detection of the body position (O5H500)
  • Electronic level sensor for monitoring the level of cleaning solutions (LK3124)
  • Object recognition sensor for state detection, CPD bath, photoelectric, distance (O2D222)
  • Flow monitor monitoring the freshwater supply (SI5000)
  • Evaluation unit for temperature sensors for temperature monitoring for cavity sealing (TR2439; TN2511TS2789PN3071)
  • Photoelectric distance sensor detecting start position for the painting process (O1D102)
  • Electronic level sensor detecting the level in the tanks during paint recycling (LMT110)
  • Evaluation unit for temperature sensors for temperature measurement in heating channels (TR2439)
  • Acceleration sensor for pump monitoring during paint supply (VSA001)
  • 1D/2D code reader for identification of add-on parts in painting (O2I104)
  • Retro-reflective sensor optically detecting whether a compartment is occupied (O5P500)

4. Powertrain

  • Magnetic-inductive flow meter for cooling water monitoring in the foundry (SM2000)
  • Inductive sensor for position and part detection in machine tools (IGC249)
  • Binary leakage sensor monitoring whether coolant is leaking from any pipes and tanks (LI2241)
  • Photoelectric distance detecting the filling level in swarf hoppers (O1D105)
  • Electronic level sensor detecting limit levels in industrial cleaning equipment (LMT100)
  • Inductive sensor for pressure loss monitoring in automated test stations (IFC229)
  • Photoelectric fork sensor checks the presence of the components in feed equipment (OPU203)
  • Compressed air meter and electronic pressure monitor for measurement of compressed air consumption on a pneumatic maintenance unit (SD6000PN7094)
  • Identification of part carriers with RFID in the gearbox assembly shop (DTA300; E80311)
  • Object recognition sensor for powertrain completeness check (O2D220)

5. Final Assembly

  • 1D/2D code reader detecting add-on parts for door modules (O2I100)
  • Object inspection sensor for object recognition during positioning of the dash panel (O2V102)
  • Diffuse reflection sensor for positioning the grippers (O5H500)
  • Object recognition sensor for position monitoring of brake disks (O2D220)
  • Photoelectric distance sensor for position control on the assembly platform (IM5115O1D155)
  • Object inspection sensor photoelectric detection of bolt holes during wheel assembly (O2V100)
  • Identifying the seat assemblies by means of RFID (ANT513)
  • Electronic level sensor for level monitoring during final assembly (LK1023)
  • Flow sensor for connection to evaluation unit monitoring exhaust gases on the roller dynamometer (SF5200)

There are many other sensors that are widely used in the car manufacturing industry. Please refer to the IFM sensor products for more products and contact our Hotline/Zalo for order!

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