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The automotive industry requires state-of-the-art technologies. Systems of coordinated machining centres, transport systems and industrial robots enable cost-optimised large-scale production and simultaneously meet individual equipment requests. Every single process in the complexity of automotive manufacturing – press shop, body-in-white, paint shop, powertrain and final assembly – must function reliably and with very high availability of all machines and installations.

Our imported Sensors and systems from support automotive production with innovative technology and high quality standards. Temperature, pressure, level and flow sensors reliably monitor process media. Safety light grids, safety light curtains and fail-safe inductive sensors assure machine and operator protection e.g. on presses, robot cells and assembly stations. Precise detection of machine parts by inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and cylinder sensors. Vibration monitoring systems for plant wide condition based maintenance strategies. RFID systems, code readers and camera systems for material tracking and quality monitoring complete Centech’s selling product range.


Maximum process reliability and constant product quality are maxims in the food industry - whether in the manufacture of beverages, sweets and dairy or in meat processing. Even slightest impurities cause great damage, such as product recall of entire production lots or expensive downtimes.

Our imported sensors are made of high-quality food-grade materials. They have a hygienic housing design and are distinguished by high ingress and temperature resistance and protection against high-pressure cleaning with aggressive agents. Mating connection technology with protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K as well as stainless steel mounting accessories especially designed for the food industry complete the product range. All units and systems comply with the required standards and directives.


The demands on controllers and sensors used in construction machines, municipal vehicles, agricultural and forestry machinery, port facilities and cranes are extremely high. Units and machines are permanently exposed to harsh environments like heat, cold, moisture, mud, dust, shocks and vibrations and often even thunder and lightning.

Centech appreciates products from ifm which has developed the ecomatmobile series controllers and components especially for mobile applications. The most important part of mobile machines is the mobile controller that offers free programmability, configurability of the inputs and outputs and a CAN interface with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocol. Camera systems for mobile applications reliably monitor operating and rear areas. Camera images and process values are displayed on the user-friendly dialogue units which also support high quality graphics. The product range is completed by mini controllers, decentralised I/O modules, sensors and components for diagnostics and service. All units have robust seals preventing the penetration of moisture. An IP69K system, including connectors and cables, ensures high ingress protection from the controller to the sensor.


The steel industry is one of the biggest and most important industries worldwide. It has always been a major driving force of the economy. Its products are indispensable, for example, in metal processing, automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering and in the construction industry. Only state-of-the-art, highly automated and extremely reliable production lines guarantee economic success in steel production.

For all areas of a steelworks, such as coke plant, sinter plant, blast furnace, converter, casting plant and rolling mill, Centect relies on ifm’s the necessary automation technology. ifm sensors are distinguished by high temperature resistance, sturdy housing and reliable protection against shock and vibration. Sensors monitor the flow and the water temperature in the supply lines of cooling systems to protect furnaces from overheating. In hydraulic power packs, pressure, level and temperature sensors ensure reliable supply with hydraulic oil. Infrared temperature sensors or distance sensors detect the position of glowing steel from a safe distance. Systems for vibration monitoring detect machine and plant damage in time and thereby guarantee high machine uptime.


Machine-tools are indispensable in modern production processes. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and in drive technology. In practice, the machine tool sector is divided into two main areas: metal forming and metal working.

Inductive sensors with high ingress resistance and protection against aggressive coolants guarantee accurate position detection of workpieces, workpiece carriers and machine parts. Diagnostic systems and vibration sensors for condition-based maintenance detect unbalance, wear or bearing damage on spindles and drives and prevent production losses, downtime and expensive consequential damage. Vision sensors reliably detect the quality of components and work pieces. In machining centres, flexible production systems and transfer lines, code readers assure traceability of parts. Flow meters that continuously monitor water and compressed air consumption significantly improve energy efficiency. Many of these sensors communicate via IO-Link with the higher-level controller. That means that the user is best-equipped for Industry 4.0.


Wind energy plays a key role in power generation from renewable energy sources. Wind turbines are operated in all climatic zones around the globe – offshore, near the coast and onshore. Often, they are exposed to extreme environmental influences, such as salt water or temperature fluctuations.

For operators of wind turbines, high machine uptime is extremely important because repairing or exchanging components is very difficult and therefore very cost-intensive. Centech once uses ifm’s specialised product range of position sensors, process sensors and diagnostic systems. Inductive sensors with high EMC resistance and a large temperature range are used in conjunction with fail-safe speed monitors, for example, to monitor the speed of the generators. Pressure, level and temperature sensors on hydraulic power packs and central lubricating systems guarantee reliable media supply. Oil humidity sensors and particle monitors monitor the quality of the applied oils and lubricants. In order to prevent unintentional rotation, a special rotor lock sensor signals if the rotor has been locked during maintenance works.