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Leakage Detection in Power Plants

I. The fundamentals of leakage detection in power plants

The power plant is a high-tech combination of material handling, combustion, electricity generation and pollution reduction process, all designed to operate in harmony. The power plant has many inevitable perils, some of which is leakage potential. Major plant systems include coal processing, combustion control, feed water and boilers, cooling towers, generators, exhaust fans and emissions control systems. Most areas of the plant have sub-areas next to the central operating area with the possibility of employees exposed to the flammable and toxic gases, along with the risk of oxygen deficiency, let alone potential of fireburn due to the presence of hydrogen gas. Due to the fact that Hydrogen has 7 times better thermal conductivity than air and very low density compared to air, it is still the ideal coolant for generators despite the flammability problem.

Due to the danger of gas leakage in power plants, all areas in modern power plants today are required to install fixed gas sensors to detect gas leakage for protection of human resources and equipment. These dngerous gases include CO2, SO2, SO3, CL2, HCl, ClO2, O3 and NO2 and some others.

II. Leakage detection devices from Inficon - leading edge in detection worldwide



Inficon Multigas Sniffer Leak Detector Ecotec® E3000

Inficon XL3000flex Helium and Hydrogen Sniffer Leak Detector

Inficon T-Guard Leak Detection Sensor


Inficon Sensistor® ILS500 Leak Detection System

Inficon Cumulative Helium Leak Detector Pernicka 700H


Inficon Pilot® Plus Vacuum Gauge

Inficon CO Check®

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