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Sensors in Food Industry

I. Fundamentals of sensor in food industry

Maximum process reliability and constant product quality are maxims in the food industry - whether in the manufacture of beverages, sweets and dairy or in meat processing. Even slightest impurities cause great damage, such as product recall of entire production lots or expensive downtimes.

IFM's specially developed food application product range comprises innovative position sensors, process sensors, control systems and connection technology. The sensors are made of high-quality food-grade materials. They have a hygienic housing design and are distinguished by high ingress and temperature resistance and protection against high-pressure cleaning with aggressive agents. Mating connection technology with protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K as well as stainless steel mounting accessories especially designed for the food industry complete the product range. All units and systems comply with the required standards and directives.

II. Solutions for food industry

1. Cane sugar processing

  • Skew monitoring on a conveyor belt (ZB0090)

  • Rope switches on a conveyor belt (ZB0051)

  • Level measurement in sugar cane delivery (O1D300)
  • Speed monitoring on a conveyor belt (DI6001)
  • Photoelectric detection on a conveyor belt (O1D100)
  • Level detection in a cane sugar mill (KI5087)

  • Level measurement on a hydraulic power pack (LR3000)
  • Temperature measurement on a hydraulic power pack (TR2432)

  • Pressure measurement on a hydraulic power pack (PN3594)

2. Milk and beverage processing

  • Monitoring of rising stem valves (IFT240) (IX5030)
  • Temperature measurement on a pasteuriser (TD2907)
  • Sensor for level monitoring (LMT121), temperature measurement (TP3231), pressure monitoring (PG2794) of separator
  • PY pressure sensor for homogenisers (PY9000)
  • RFID for fool-proof detection on distribution plates (IGT241)
  • Photoelectric sensors are used to detect packages - O6 WetLine - best optical performance (O6E301O6S301)
  • The LMT point level sensor is used for level monitoring on wet grist mills (LMT100)
  • Level detection (PI2797), temperature measurement (TAD981) RFID for fool-proof detection on distribution plates (IGT241) of brewhouse
  • Level detection (PI2796), temperature monitoring (TAD181) and CO2 pressure measurement (PI2797) of fermentation tanks

3. Sweet processing

  • Vibration monitoring of mixer (VKV021)
  • Level detection of pre-finer (LMT121)
  • Vibration monitoring (VSA001), temperature monitoring (TN2531) and pressure measurement (PG2794) of conche
  • Level measurement (PI2798) and temperature monitoring (TN2531) of storage tanks
  • Level detection of chocolate pouring to the mould (LMT121)
  • Temperature monitoring of cooling tunnel (TM4541)
  • Object recognition on palletiser (O6H300)

4. Meat processing

  • RFID system for traceability in the slaughtering process (DTE100ANT513)
  • Inductive sensors (IIT231) and photoelectric sensors (OGH302) detect of hooks or carcasses
  • Light curtain for safety monitoring on automatic saws (OY446S)
  • Through-beam sensors are used for detection on automatic saws (OGS380OGE380)
  • Flow rate measurement (SM8000), level measurement (PI2798), water temperature measurement of box washer
  • Through-beam sensors are used to detect transport boxes or meat on wide conveyor belts (OGS380OGE380)
  • The LMT121 is particularly well suited for level detection in a grinder (LMT121)
  • Temperature transmitters of the TAD series are used to measure temperature in the cutter
  • In vacuum filling machine, the O1D300 level sensor detects bulk material and opaque liquids without contact (O1D300)

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