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Sensors in Steel Industry

The steel industry is one of the biggest and most important industries worldwide. It has always been a major driving force of the economy. Its products are indispensable, for example, in metal processing, automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering and in the construction industry. Only state-of-the-art, highly automated and extremely reliable production lines guarantee economic success in steel production.

IFM Group with sensor solutions contribute positively to many stages of steel production, such as:

I. Crude Steel Production

  • Protection of conveyor belts for raw material of sinter plant (DA102S)
  • Electronic pressure monitor for monitoring of the system pressure in the coke oven machine (PN7093)
  • Flow sensor for monitoring of cooling circuits on blast furnaces (SI5000)
  • Capacitive sensor for level monitoring on silos (KG5041)
  • Evaluation unit for temperature sensors for cooling circuits of electric arc furnaces (TR2432)
  • Inductive sensor for Positioning of flame cutters (IG6614)

II. Hot Rolling Mill

  • Photoelectric distance sensor for monitoring the material at the inlet side of the furnace (O1D100)
  • Infrared temperature sensor for tracking of material in the descaling unit (TW7001)
  • Inductive sensor for drive control of the roller conveyor (IGC248)
  • Vibration transmitter for vibration monitoring on rolling stand bearings (VTV122)
  • Inductive sensor for material detection on the cooling bed (I17001, I27001)
  • Electronic level sensor for level monitoring in the water basin (LK3124)

III. Cold Rolling Mill

  • Speed monitor for monitoring in the pickling ventilation system (DI5009)
  • Acceleration sensor for vibration monitoring at the roller drive (VSA001)
  • Inductive sensor for distinction between heating and cooling hoods (IIS226)
  • Inductive sensor for roll locking in the rolling stand (IGS236)
  • Electronic pressure sensor with analogue display for monitoring recoiler hydraulics (PG2452)
  • Through-beam sensor for Positioning of the pallets (O5S500, O5E500)

IV. Cranes

  • Photoelectric distance sensor for collision protection on cranes (O1D209)
  • Reflector for retro-reflective sensors served as Accessories for collision protection (E21159)
  • Fail-safe inductive sensor for safeguarding of hazardous areas around crane installations (GM705S)

There are also many other sensors that are widely used in the steel manufacturing industry. Please refer to the IFM sensor products which are all distributed nationwide by Centech Vietnam. For more information, please our contact Hotline/Zalo!