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Vision Camera in Automotives Industry

I. Cognex machine vision solution for automotives industry

Almost every system and component within an automobile can be made better using machine vision. Incorporating machine vision systems and image-based barcode readers as part of the production process enables automotive part manufacturers and vehicle assembly plants to achieve the high quality that customers demand.

Cognex 3D laser profiler windshield glue bead inspection


Code reading, sorting and automated inspection of wheels and tires

Tire and Wheel Systems

Cognex tire solutions deliver robust, high-speed, wheel identification using propriety code-reading algorithms that are able to reliably locate codes despite random placement and orientation of wheels on a conveyor. Alphanumeric character reading vision tools enable tire manufacturers to read codes in the most challenging conditions with very high accuracy. Patented PatMax geometric pattern matching tools learn tire tread patterns and have the flexibility to adapt to the positional variation of tires on a conveyor, ensuring that manufacturers assemble the correct wheel to a vehicle.


Traceability and final assembly inspection of safety systems

Automotive disc brakes

Image-based barcode readers and vision systems help automotive manufacturers control traceability of final assemblies and improve product quality by performing automated inspection to meet strict quality standards.

Machine vision provides a simple solution for automated, automobile component inspection. Typical inspections include reading date and lot codes on labels that have been applied to products. Vision tools from Cognex also measure critical dimensions and part locations with high accuracy to verify that all of the correct components have been properly assembled. This mitigates the risk of defective braking systems reaching the vehicle assembly plant and minimizes the chance of part recalls.


Reduce recalls, improve traceability and verify final assembly


The Cognex vision systems confirms the presence of critical powertrain components such as clutch packs, carriers, constant velocity joints, valve bodies, pistons, seals and snap rings. The system also sends the inspection result with images for archiving to the plants IT system to help minimize recalls. Powerful patented vision tools, configured without the need for programming, ensure that the correct parts have been used, and that they meet rigorous tolerance requirements.

Powertrain manufacturers use Cognex vision software and hardware to determine the 3D orientation of engine block serial numbers to help achieve a very fast error-free visual confirmation for traceability.

Cognex vision systems accurately locates the position of glue beads on powertrain part surfaces and measures their widths to detects gaps. Automating the inspection of glue bead seal integrity prevents oil and coolant leaks and can eliminate costly engine recalls.


Speed up assembly process and quickly inspect body panels

Chassis systems

A Cognex 3D vision system either mounted in a fixed position or on a robot has the ability to measure the gap and flush of every car with high accuracy and provides complete inspection of all assembled vehicle doors and bodies.

3-D vision systems also help chassis manufacturers automate racking, de-racking and inspection of body panels in supply racks and detect part defects in the racks before defective parts are picked up by a robot which eliminates defective parts being welded together.


Quickly sort and inspect electrical components for defects


Cognex vision products with color and shape recognition tools help automotive electronic component manufacturers speed up and error proof the sorting process. Components are identified with color and pattern matching tools and inspected for defects including damaged parts and missing features.

Vision systems with specialized illumination and pattern recognition tools automatically inspect solder joint connections and analyze the shape of the solder to ensure it meets rigorous tolerances. Cognex vision tools also measure glue bead width and volume to detect any bead gaps in sealing gaskets on electrical modules. Automating glue bead inspection reduces product failure and increases inspection speed.

The micron-level accuracy provided by Cognex vision tools helps reduce scrap and ensures reliable electronics performance in the automobile.

II. Signature Cognex producta used in automotives industry

Cognex In-Sight 2000 Mini Vision Sensor

Cognex 3D Displacement SensorCognex DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor

In addition, there are many other Cognex products distributed nationwide by Centech, please refer to Cognex Vision Camera Catalog and contact our Hotline/Zalo to order!