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Vision Camera in Electronics Industry

I. Cognex machine vision solution for electronics industry

Today, semiconductors cannot be manufactured without using machine vision. In fact, machine vision has made it possible to achieve the density in today’s integrated circuits and to manufacture them cost-effectively. Suppliers of electronic materials, active components, IC packages, passive components, and finished electronic equipment rely on Cognex for alignment, inspection, and identification.


finished keyboard manufacturing checked with 3d laser scan

For manufacturers of consumer electronics, engineered test and measurement equipment, medical devices, or clinical analyzers, Vision and ID can:

  • Inspect LCD displays for single pixel defects
  • Verify the correct placement of keypads, gaskets, and other components
  • Automatically read bar code labels for part tracking
  • Check the consistency of LCD backlighting
  • Inspect product enclosures for scratches and other defects


Microchips on circuit board

Manufacturers of certain electronic items, such as medical devices, must have systems in place to provide a trail of information that follows each item through the supply chain. To ensure product safety and efficient recalls, producers must be able to quickly identify and locate potentially faulty items in the supply chain that could pose a hazard to consumers.

To achieve this, many companies are implementing 2D barcodes, vision systems, and image-based ID readers as key components in a simple yet robust traceability system. Data Matrix has been adopted as standard in many applications because it allows the storage of more information such as manufacturer, product ID, lot number, expiry, and even a unique serial number on virtually any finished good.

Brand protection

Serial number aggregation for supply chain security and product authentication at the point of sale can help prevent counterfeiting, diversion and sale of product through unauthorized channels.

These applications generally seek item-level serialization on every package and Data Matrix has been adopted as standard.

In addition to improving material handling and logistics efficiency and flexibility, product quality and yield, and package safety and integrity, machine vision can also be implemented on the processing side to reduce scrap, improve productivity, and quality control, as well as enhance brand image.


ESD protection for electronics parts and devices


Electrostatic discharge (ESD), the sudden flow of static electricity between two objects, is a costly and dangerous threat to a broad range of industries, including electronics, automotive, biotech and pharmaceutical, medical devices, and semiconductors. ESD can damage electronic devices, spark explosions or fires in flammable environments and cause data failures.

Cognex DataMan ESD-safe handheld and fixed-mount barcode reader line is the broadest family of industrial barcode readers that combines ESD-safe plastics for all enclosure parts with the antistatic coating for all optical parts to prevent damage to components that are ESDS.


OLED display manufacturing and module assembly

Smartphones, mobile and wearable devices, and other consumer electronics are stimulating global demand for semiconductors and printed circuit boards (PCBs) and flex PCBs (FPCBs). Today, semiconductors cannot be manufactured and printed circuit boards cannot be assembled without using machine vision. Cognex offers equipment makers advanced alignment, inspection, guidance, and identification technologies critical to wafer and die processing, IC component assembly, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), traceability, and inspection. OEMs rely on Cognex machine vision products and solutions to automate assembly and inspection processes, and on specialized barcode readers for traceability.

II. Signature Cognex producta used in electronics industry

Cognex In-Sight 2000 Mini Vision Sensor

Cognex 3D Displacement SensorCognex DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor

In addition, there are many other Cognex products distributed nationwide by Centech, please refer to Cognex Vision Camera Catalog and contact our Hotline/Zalo to order!