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Vision Camera in Food Industry

I. Powerful Solutions to safeguard products, packaging, and traceability in food industry

Successful food and beverage operations embrace innovations in product quality inspection, packaging inspection, assembly verification, allergen management, traceability, and food safety to minimize downtime and deliver consistently high quality, safe products with fewer defects and less waste. Cognex machine vision systems and industrial barcode readers offer powerful solutions to protect product quality and safety, ensure package integrity, manage allergens, and maintain traceability.

Cognex insight foreign object inspection


Detect damaged products and preserve brand loyalty

Cognex insight series camera quality inspection cookies conveyor belt

Products can break or become damaged during production. Product quality inspections prior to packaging are critical to ensure completeness, maintain customer satisfaction, and protect brand reputation. Cognex vision systems and industrial barcode readers perform product quality inspections to identify defects in size, shape, color, texture, portioning, and fill level before they reach the customer. These inspections protect your company’s reputation against the net effect of damaged goods while avoiding stoppages and downtime.


Avoid damage, prevent contamination, and preserve brand loyalty

Cognex insight 7000 can label quality inspection on conveyor belt

Packaging affects consumer perception of product quality, safety, and value. Cognex vision systems inspect food packaging to ensure it is correctly assembled, tamper-proof, defect free, and complete so manufacturers are assured that only the highest quality products reach customers.


Detect missing items, verify completeness, and enable vision-guided robotics

Cognex Insight 2000 series inspecting beverage fill level pass fail

Identifying assembly defects early saves significant time and money, especially when a single failure can affect the entire batch. Machine vision systems ensure completeness and consistency and enable vision-guided robotic pick-and-place applications, quickening and error-proofing the transition from production to packaging.


Trace and track allergens and locate items quickly to limit recalls and prevent counterfeiting

Cognex dataman reading olive oil bottles qr codes for anti-counterfeiting and authentication

Mislabeled allergens threaten public health and can result in expensive and damaging recalls. Strict rules established by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and agencies in other countries require manufacturers to label and trace common allergens. To ensure product safety and efficient recalls, manufacturers must be able to quickly identify and locate non-compliant products in the supply chain posing hazards to consumers. Cognex tools verify product ingredients are labelled correctly, while track-and-trace solutions prevent packing mistakes and help locate recalled items quickly to minimize loss. Product verification and traceability solutions also prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized sales and distribution.


Streamline packing, sorting, palletizing, and inventory management

Cognex dataman box packaged food automated sorting conveyor belts

Manufacturers must optimize not only their production capacity and quality, but also their warehousing and fulfillment operations to meet growing performance criteria and customer demands. Cognex vision systems and image-based barcode readers dramatically increase the speed, accuracy, and productivity of warehouses and distribution centers.

II. Signature Cognex producta used in food industry

Cognex In-Sight 2000 Mini Vision Sensor

Cognex 3D Displacement SensorCognex DSMax 3D Laser Displacement Sensor

In addition, there are many other Cognex products distributed nationwide by Centech, please refer to Cognex Vision Camera Catalog and contact our Hotline/Zalo to order!