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FANUC Robot CR-4iA / CR-7iA

Vendor: FANUC

FANUC Robot CR-41A. 7iA, 70/L are human arm sized mini-collaborative robots.

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FANUC Robot CR-41A. 7iA, 70/L are human arm sized mini-collaborative robots.

  • CR-41A (550mm reach), CR-71A (717mm reach). CR-71A/L (911mm reach) are available.
  • A floor space can be used effectively by up-side down and wall installation.

Collaborative Operation

  • This robot and a human operator can work separately in close proximity without safety fences.
  • This robot can work in cooperation with a human operator. (examples: parts assembling. workpiece transfer)

Safety Function

  • This robot stops safely when it touches a human operator.
  • A human operator can move the robot by pushing it.
  • This robot is certified to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 10218-1.

Intelligence and High Reliability

  • Latest intelligent functions such as lRVision (Integrated vision) and force sensor are available.
  • This robot is designed with high reliability, based on the proven LR Mate models.


FANUC Robot CR-7iA, 4iA7iA7iA/L4iA
Controlled axes6
Max. payload at wrist7kg4kg
Motion range (X, Y)717mm, 1061mm911mm, 1359mm550mm, 818mm
InstallationFloor, Upside-down, Wall
Matching controller / Input power capacity

R-30iB Mate/R-30iB Mate Plus (standard) / 1.2kVA

ApplicationHandling, Assembling


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