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IFM Ultrasonic Sensors - Complete Product Line

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Ultrasonic sensors are used for reliable position detection and precise continuous distance measurement of solids, powders and liquids. They transmit and receive sound waves in the ultrasonic range. The object to be detected reflects the sound waves and the distance information is determined via time-of-flight measurement. Blister packages in packaging technology or transparent plastic bowls in the food industry, for example, can be reliably detected.
Even in operating conditions with heavy soiling, dust or mist the sensors detect objects reliably and without interference.
ifm's compact ultrasonic sensors provide a particularly small blind zone, long sensing ranges and a high resolution.
The product range includes units with programmable switching output, analog output, or a combination of both. Output function, switch points and measuring range are conveniently set via a pushbutton on the unit or via wire teach.
Some sensor types can additionally be configured via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. The LR Device software is used to visualize, transfer and archive parameter sets.


  • Clearly visible LED for indicating switching status and echo
  • With programmable switching output and scalable analog output
  • Intuitive setting of the detection range via pushbutton or IO-Link
  • Very large detection range
  • Non-contact detection independent of color, transparency or surface characteristics of the object

Line-up & Specification

ProductSensing rangeRangeOutput functionOutputanalog output
UGT52440...300 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT52560...800 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT21240...300 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT513200...2200 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable); analogDC PNP4...20 mA
UGT52680...1200 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT21360...800 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT21480...1200 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT50040...300 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT59360...800 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT59240...300 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT59480...1200 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT510150...1600 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable); analogDC PNP4...20 mA
UGT512200...2200 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT5091600 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT58040...300 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable); analogDC PNP4...20 mA
UGT58260...800 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable); analogDC PNP4...20 mA
UGT207200...2200 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable); analogDC PNP4...20 mA
UGT50780...1200 mmanalogDC4...20 mA
UGT50460...800 mmanalogDC4...20 mA
UGT20040...300 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT50360...800 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable)DC PNP
UGT514200...2200 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable); analogDC PNP0...10 V
UGT50140...300 mmanalogDC4...20 mA
UGT204150...1600 mmnormally open / closed; (configurable); analogDC PNP4...20 mA