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Mitsubishi Wire Guide for Wire-cut EDM

Vendor: Mitsubishi

Suitable to use with Mitsubishi EDM.

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Wire Guide
PictureCode No.Orignal P/No.DimensionPositionApplication
M101-1X053C082G58 X053C082G60 X053C082G51 X053C082G56 X053C082G65Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.305CommonDWC-N. F series Manual type
M101-2X052B040G62 X052B040G63 X052B040G64 X052B040G65 X052B040G66Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.305CommonDWC-F1. G. 90PG series Manual type
M102X053C188G52 X053C188G53 X053C188G54 X053C188G55 X053C188G56Φ0.11 Φ0.16 Φ0.21 Φ0.26 Φ0.31LowerDWC-F1. G. H. H’ series SK1.2 / Manual type
M103X052B054G51 X052B054G52 X052B054G53 X052B054G54 X052B054G55Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.305CommonDWC-H. H’. H1. HA. PH. C series Manual type
M104X052B092G54 X052B092G55 X052B092G56Φ0.21 Φ0.26 Φ0.31LowerDWC-H’ series SK3 type
M105X053C137G62 X053C137G63 X053C137G64 X053C137G65 X053C137G66Φ0.11 Φ0.16 Φ0.21 Φ0.26 Φ0.31UpperDWC-F. F1. G series SK1 type
M105 -1X054D190H03L=50mmUpperDWC-F. F1. G series Manual / AF type Set pipe for C137G
M106X052B102G51 X052B102G52 X052B102G53 X052B102G54 X052B102G55Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.305UpperDWC-H. H’. G series SK1 type OD4.0x60mmL
M107X052C458G51 X052B123G52 X052B123G53 X052B123G54 X052B123G56Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.310UpperDWC-A. B. H. H’. HA .SA. SB. SZ. Z series AF1 type
M107 -1X052B244G51 X052B240G51 X052B240G52 X052B240G53 X052B240G54Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.310UpperDWC-A. B. H. H’. HA .SA. SB. SZ. Z series AF1 type / With cooling hole
M108X054D162G54Φ0.4UpperDWC-N. F. F1. G series Manual / AF type M12 tap – OD10.5xID0.4x11mmL
M109X054D171G54Φ0.4UpperDWC-G. F. H. H’ series AF.SK1.2.3 type Die guide A / M12 tap -OD10.5x11mmL
M110X053C136G52 X053C136G54Φ0.4 Φ0.6UpperDWC-F. F1. G series AF.SK1 type Eccentric center dies guide
M111X053C245H02 CommonDWC-G. H. H’. H1. C. SA. SB. SZ series AF1.2.SK3 / Manual type Die holder for power feed contact
M112X053C299G51Φ3xΦ0.4×9.5UpperDWC-G .H. H’ series AF.SK1.2.3 type / Eccentric center dies guide OD3.0xID0.4×9.5mmH with 0.5mm groove
M113X053C628G51Φ0.4LowerDWC-G. H. H’ series AF.SK1.2.3 series Set screw M12 tap – OD11xID0.4×12.5mmH
M114X053C241G52Φ0.4CommonDWC-H. H’. H1. C. SA. SB. SZ series Manual type / No ceramic insert M12 tap – OD11xID0.4×13.5mmH
M117X052B176G51 X052B176G52 X052B176G53 X052B176G54 X052B176G55Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.310LowerDWC-H1. HA. SA. SB. SZ. C series AF1 type
M117 -1X052B241G51 X052B241G52 X052B241G53 X052B241G54 X052B241G55Φ0.105 Φ0.155 Φ0.205 Φ0.255 Φ0.310LowerDWC-H1. HA. SA. SB. SZ. C series AF1 type / with Cooling hole
M120X053C524G51Φ0.4UpperDWC-H1. HA. SA. SB. SZ series Set screw / AF1 type M12 tap-OD11.5xID0.4x13mmH
M122X053C012G54 X053C012G56 X053C012G57Φ0.21 Φ0.26 Φ0.31CommonDWC-70. 90. 110. 200 series Manual / AF type
M124X053C104G52 X053C104G53 X053C104G54 X053C104G55 X053C104G56Φ0.11 Φ0.16 Φ0.21 Φ0.26 Φ0.31LowerDWC-F series AF.SK1 type
M125X053C153G55Φ0.4UpperDWC-F. F1. G. H series AF.SK1.2.3 type Sub guide