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Nordson Hot Melt Adhesive Handgun AD-31 Series

Vendor: Nordson

Compact, lightweight handguns offer a wide range of pattern capabilities and durable design for manually operated adhesive and sealant applications.

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Nordson® Series AD-31 handguns combine efficient design and reliable performance for manually dispensing hot melt adhesives, sealants and other thermoplastic materials. The wide selection of models satisfies a full range of applications, including packaging, assembly and sealing operations.

The series consists of various models for producing solid or foamed extrusion beads, spray patterns and swirl spray. For handling high-viscosity or filled materials, AD-31 LBS Extrusion handguns incorporate a large ball-and-seat and larger flow paths.

Designed with the operator in mind, lightweight AD-31 Extrusion and Swirl handguns weigh less than two pounds. A distinctive “ever-cool” handle contains no heated components or adhesive-flow paths that could cause discomfort to the operator. Heated gun components are totally enclosed within the exterior gun shell, helping to reduce the risk of burns.

Capable of standing up to the most demanding applications, AD-31 handguns feature an impact-resistant molded shell for extended service life. To eliminate hose twisting, AD-31 Extrusion and Swirl models feature a 360-degree swivel connector.

Line-ups & Specifications


AD-31: 1.75 lb (0.8 kg)
AD-31SW: 1.75 lb (0.8 kg)
AD-31SW-WP: 1.75 lb (0.8 kg)
AD-31S: 3.25 lb (1.5 kg)

Type of Pattern:

AD-31: extrusion
AD-31SW: swirl
AD-31SW-WP: swirl wide pattern
AD-31S: spray

Maximum Operating Temperature:
450ºF (230ºC)

Maximum Hydraulic Pressure:
1500 psi (10.34 MPa)

Extrusion Nozzle Orifice Diameters:1
Standard: 0.020 to 0.093 in. (0.5 to 2 mm)
Extended: 0.025 to 0.156 in. (0.6 to 4 mm)

Spray Pattern Width/Nozzle:1
AD-31SW: 0.25 to 1.5 in. (6 to 38 mm)
AD-31SW-WP: 1.5 to 6 in. (38 to 152 mm)
AD-31S: 2 to 8 in. (51 to 203 mm)

Spray Air Pressure:2
AD-31SW: 0 to 15 psi (0 to 0.1 MPa)
AD-31SW-WP: 5 to 80 psi (0.03 to 0.56 MPa)
AD-31S: 40 to 80 psi (0.28 to 0.56 MPa)

Maximum Air Consumption:3
AD-31SW: 1.2 scfm
AD-31SW-WP: 2.5 scfm
AD-31S: 4 scfm

Electrical Requirements:
240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
100 VAC, 50/60 Hz