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Seco Operating Accessories

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Seco offers a wide variety of operating accessories to ensure you get the most out of your tooling systems.

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coolant tubes

Coolant Tubes

Depending on machine requirements, HSK Form A, B, D, or E holders must be equipped with a coolant tube or sealing plug.


MQL1 Coolant Accessories

Seco offers air cooling cones and contact bushes for cooling bells to assist with cooling Shrinkfit holders.

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Sealing plugs

Sealing plugs apply to a number of through-coolant holder designs.

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Pull studs

Pull studs (also called retention knobs) are the link between the machine drawbar and the toolholder.

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Reduction Sleeves

A variety of reduction sleeves are available to increase the flexibility of Seco tooling systems by allowing chucks to securely accommodate a greater range of tool diameters.


Collets for Collet Chucks

Seco offers a range of ER collets to support our collet chucks. ER collets are available as standard, sealed and sealed with through-coolant channels directed to the cutting edge.

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Sealing Rings

Sealing rings for ER sealing nuts on ER chucks are delivered as standard with drilled stop end screws for coolant through plain-ended tool shanks.

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Quick Change Tap Adapters

For quick changing of the tap and adapter, the adapter has to be chosen according to the tap shank diameter and its square size.

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Balancing Screws

A kit of Seco balancing screws for Shrinkfit holders EPB 5603 and EPB 5600 is available as Accessories (Part N°90ZQ01).