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Toyo Keiki Digital Multi-function Relay

Vendor: Toyo Keiki

Digital Type Multi-function Relay.

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  • Microprocessor Type digital multi-function feeder protection relay.
  • Protection Elements: overcurrent 50/51, ground overcurrent 50N/51N, overvoltage 59, undervoltage 27, selective ground overcurrent 67G, directional ground overcurrent 67N, negative sequence overvoltage 47, and ground overvoltage 64(59G).
  • Metering Functions: 3-phase voltage / current / phase angles, positive and negative sequence voltage / current, 3-phase active/ reactive / apparent power, energy, frequency, and power factor.
  • Selectable Time Characteristics: IEC definite time DT, long time inverse LI, normal inverse time NI, very inverse time VI, and extremely inverse time EI. Also, it provides simulated time characteristics of TOYO mechanical induction types of relays.
  • Self-diagnosis Functions: control power, memory, CPU, setting value range, event / fault waveform transmission, measurements, and relay state observation. It also has a NC contact serves as system_error indication (watchdog).
  • Password Protection when changing the relay settings and circuit breaker control (open / close, local / remote).
  • 1024 Event Records and 6 Fault Waveform Records with time stamp, all data including relay settings and real time clock are stored permanently even if the control power is lost. Waveform sampling rate is 32sample/cycle, and 168cycle x6.
  • 10 Programmable Relay Output Contacts which can be set to each 55 modes for tripping and alarming. ALL contacts are latchable (ANSI 86), and their operation can be tested by manual trip command via setting.