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VAF Ultracel I

Vendor: VAF

Fully leak test and scan test with certificate. Suitable for HVAC system with turbulence air flow. High dust holding capacity.

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Product information

VAF’s Ultracel I is designed to provide the solutions for critical cleanliness requirements is cleanroom. This filter is constructed by ultrafine glass fiber with extremely high filtration efficiency which able to attain the efficiency from H10 (95%@0.3µm) to H14 (99.999@0.3 µm).


This series of filter is very suitable to beapplied at the cleanroom such as Pharmaceutical, semiconductor, Laboratory, Food and Beverage production, and Hospitals which requires high level of cleanliess, usually range from Class 100000 to Class 1000.

Ultracel I Standard Capacity (SC)
This model is designed with 1.5 m / s in face velocity for steady air flow.
Ultracel I High Capacity (HC)
This model is designed with 2,5 m/s in face velocity for high air flow.
Ultracel I Hight Temperature (HT)
This model is able to withstand the operating temperature from 250 to 350 degree celsius.