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  • The V-TM disposable ceiling module is designed for optimum filtration performance with an individually ducted system use in class 100,000 to class 10 cleanroom
  • The V-TM disposable ceiling module is hermetically sealed to prevent leakage in oderto meet the stringent air quality required by the cleanrooms. This modeule is usually installed in the ceiling tee system with gasket sandwiched beween the filter casing and ceiling tee to precent any air leakage. Its light weight and disposable design makes it ideal for usin hospital operating theatres and laboratories, pharmaceutical, microelectronic, film and opitacal fiber facilities, food processing plants and other applications where airborne contamiant is the concer.


  • The standard module comes with a 26mm (10”) diameter inlet, a fixed distribution plate, an integral round duct connection and a whit epoxy coated faceguard on thee downstream side to protect the HEPA mini-pleat pack.
  • The w tm disposaable ceiling module is made of tlightweight anodiszed extruuded auminum. The low profile and lightweht of the V-TM disposable ceiling module hoelps to reduece handling and installation time.
  • The V-TM filter is made of water-resistant and fire retardant glass fiber media. The choices of the efficiency are h13 h14 and u15accordance to en1822 standard
  • All hepa filters are leak tested. Ulpa filters are scanned with a laser spectrometer with pal particales for leaks, and tested for efficiency and air distribution.