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Wonil Butterfly Valve

Thương hiệu: Wonil

Korean Wonil Butterfly Valve is a superior pneumatic valve product. Widely applied to plumbing system with linear valve structure, compact design and easy to install.

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Butterfly valves are one of the products that are widely favored by basic features as well as ease of assembly and use.

Korean Wonil Butterfly Valve is the superior pneumatic valve product with the following features:

As the valve line is widely applied to plumbing system with linear valve structure, compact design and easy to install.
Ensures excellent tightness with high installation technology and compatibility between Valve Body, Disc Valve and Sealing EPDM.
Advantages with the ability to easily connect to the Electric Actuator or Pneumatic Actuator when the system needs to upgrade to automation.


Valve body: The valve body is made of ductile cast iron. Similar to a metal ring, the valve body has holes used to locate the pipe by bolts and nuts.
Valve disc: The valve disc is a metal plate that regulates the flow (closing or opening the flow according to the adjusting angle of the valve) through the adjustment mechanism or the handwheel.
Seat ring: Is the EPDM sealing ring placed between the Valve Body and the Valve Disc when the Valve Disc performs the valve closing process completely.


  • Place the Butterfly Valve in the ¼ open position before installing to avoid deforming the sleeve by over tightening, resulting in valve jam and leakage during operation of the valve.
  • The diameter of the two pipelines to install the Butterfly Valve must be equal to ensure the operating space for the valve disc.
  • A sufficient flange distance is required to install the valve so as not to damage the gasket.
  • Tighten the screws, slowly screw the plane.
  • Do not use gasket between the flange and Butterfly Valve.
  • Flange size must be identical in size to Butterfly Valve.
  • Not welded flanges near Butterfly Valves have been installed.
  • For large diameter Butterfly Valves, when installing, it is preferable to mount the valve with ti axis located in horizontal position.
  • When proceeding to turn the crank of the Butterfly Valve in the counterclockwise direction, it is possible to open the Butterfly Valve process. In contrast, when rotating the handwheel of the Butterfly valve clockwise, it is necessary to close the Butterfly Valve. The opening and closing only needs to turn the crank or the handle of the Butterfly valve at 0° - 90°.


  • Any movement parts of the Butterfly Valve can be harmed by dust that make it difficult to operate. At certain times, it is necessary to carry out maintenance (usually after 3 - 6 months depending on the operating environment of the Butterfly valve).
  • Cleaning and lubricating the Butterfly valve parts that are exposed. Some valves need to lubricate the inner parts as well.
  • For valves that have been in operation for 2 - 3 years, it needs disassembled to check the status of the parts inside such as: Valve Disc and Gasket (to ensure tightness). If any parts malfunction, should replace them immediately to avoid decreasing efficiency.


ModelWSBL-16 (Handle)WSBG-16 (Handwheel)
Maximum pressurebelow 1.56 MPabelow 1.56 MPa
Temperature5⁰C ~ 90⁰C5⁰C ~ 90⁰C
MountingKS 16K WaferKS 16K Wafer
Test pressure3.0 MPA water pressurebelow 1.56 MPa
Valve body materialCast Iron GCD450Cast Iron GCD450
Seal materialSSC13/EPDMSSC13/EPDM

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