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Wonil Gate Valve

Thương hiệu: Wonil

Wonil (from Korea) gate valve is highly appreciated by material and design, sturdy body frame.

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Wonil (from Korea) gate valve is highly appreciated by the standard material and design, sturdy body frame. Regarding the weight of valve, Wonil products are weighed by 1.5 times the valve of the same category.

Wonil gate valve is a high quality valve line and is widely used in Vietnamese market. Made in Korea, on European standard and technology with full size from DN40 - DN400, full of materials such as cast iron, stainless steel.

The gate valve has the Open / Close function by lowering the valve to the valve door, completely blocking the flow through the valve. When lifting the valve up, the fluid passes through the valve completely without encountering obstacles. Especially when the flow through the valve, the disc is not on the path of the fluid so there will not be any problems related to the lifespan of device, as well as the operation of the valve such as creating frictional pressure, current swirling statues, pressure drops.

Design and operation

a. Design

  • Valve body: Made from stainless steel, cast iron, steel (depending on the environment used)
  • Valve door: Made from stainless steel, high strength, chemical resistant, is the place to connect to the pipe
  • Valve shaft: Made of stainless steel, anti-rust and high pressure, which is connected to the crank and valve disc
  • Handwheel: Made from strong steel, strong shockproof, connected to the valve shaft.
  • Valve disc: Made from stainless steel connected to the valve shaft, is the part that is directly in contact with the fluid
  • Sealing: Made from rubber, connecting valve plate, valve body
  • Standard flange JIS10K

b. Operation

When turning the handwheel clockwise, the valve shaft and blocking disc will move in the direction from the top down to tighten the liquid flow. The blocking disc will be lowered and placed tightly between the slot (the disc seat). Therefore there will not be any liquid leakage through the valve once the valve has been fully closed.


  • Valve type: floating type and sinking type
  • Size: DN50 - DN400
  • Material: Cast iron, stainless steel, steel
  • Connection type: flange
  • Flange standard: JIS 10K, JIS 20K
  • Working pressure: PN10 - PN16
  • Working temperature: 0 ~ 180ºC
  • Working environment: Water, waste water, oil, gas ...

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