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Yokogawa ADMAG AXR Two-wire Magnetic Flow Meter

Vendor: Yokogawa

The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flow meter can be installed in the two-wire system without any AC power source, thus drastically reducing the initial instrumentation cost.

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The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flow meter can be installed in the two-wire system without any AC power source, thus drastically reducing the initial instrumentation cost. The ADMAG AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the fluid noise free "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving excellent stability for instrumentation. Like the AXF four-wire magnetic flow meter series, the ADMAG AXR has user-friendly functions such as a full dot-matrix LCD indicator, electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, and a multi-lingual display. The magnet switches can be used for checking and setting parameters without opening the case cover.

Note: The "Dual Frequency Excitation Method" is a Yokogawa's innovation.


High Performance and Excellent Functionality

Field-proven dual frequency, now by 2-wire magmeter
The "Dual Frequency Excitation Method" combines two strengths: stability in flow measurement due to low frequency excitation and high noise resistance due to high frequency excitation. Therefore, the method is strong against fluctuations of fluid condition and is ideal for stable measurement.

High Accuracy 

The ADMAG AXR performs 0.5% of rate under normal flowrate conditions.   

Reducing the Instrumentation Cost

Direct Connection with the DCS
AC power sources are not necessary. The ADMAG AXR can be connected with almost all distributors, signal conditioner cards, and input modules.

Energy Saving
Compared with four-wire magnetic flow meters, the ADMAG AXR can drastically decrease power consumption (1 to 4%).

User-friendly Functionality 

Enhanced Diagnostic Function
By checking the level of the insulating substance on the electrodes, it is possible to determine when maintenance is required.

Clear and Versatile Indications 

The full dot-matrix LCD indicator facilitates various displays such as one to three lines and multi-lingual display.  In an alarm condition, a full description of the countermeasure is indicated.

Parameter Setting 

Magnet switches and push switches are employed.
Magnet switches enable parameters to be set without opening the case cover in the hazardous area.


StructureIntegral flow meter
Excitation MethodDual frequency excitation
Nominal Pipe Size
[Unit : mm (approx. inch)]
General-purpose use: 25 (1.0) to 200 (8.0)
Explosion proof Type: 25 (1.0) to 100 (4.0)
Supply VoltageOperating voltage range 14.7 to 35 V DC Two-wire system
Output SignalsCurrent output
Digital output (One output can be selected from pulse, alarm or status outputs.)
Electrode MaterialStainless steel-JIS SUS316L (AISI 316L SS/EN 1.4404 equivalent), Hastelloy C276 equivalent, Tantalum, Platinum-iridium
Fluid Temp.- 40 to 130 deg.C (-40 to 266 deg.F) [ depends on model type ]
Ambient Temp.- 40 to 55 deg.C (-40 to 131 deg.F)
Accuracy0.5% of rate (Note 1)
[ depends on nominal pipe size and fluid condition ]
Fluid Conductivity10 micro-S/cm or larger (Note 2)
[ depends on nominal pipe size and fluid condition ]
LiningFluorocarbon PFA (Mirror-finished lining surface) (Note 3)
Lay Length
[Unit : mm (approx. inch)]
Lay length code 1: Wafer ; size 80 (3.0) to 200 (8.0), Flange ; size 25 (1.0) to 200 (8.0)
Lay length code 2: Wafer ; size 25 (1.0) to 200 (8.0)
IndicatorFull dot-matrix LCD
Operational Switch4 magnet switches (including push switches)
Self DiagnosisElectrode adhesion diagnosis, Coil open, etc.
Alarm MessageAlarm message with countermeasure is indicated
( English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese )
OptionsDirection change of the electrical connection, Special Gaskets,