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Yokogawa digital YEWFLO High process Temperature Version/ Cryogenic Version

Vendor: Yokogawa

The long term reliability of the digitalYEWFLO series also extends to the High Process Temperature and Cryogenic models.

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The long term reliability of the digitalYEWFLO series also extends to the High Process Temperature and Cryogenic models.
With the High Process Temperature model, process fluids with temperatures as high as 450 degrees C can be accurately measured, this is ideal for your high temperature superheated and saturated steam applications.
The Cryogenic model can measure processes at temperatures down as low as -196 degrees C, ideal for low temperature applications such as liquid oxygen.


New functions with Spectral Signal Processing (SSP) technology

  • SSP analyses the fluid conditions inside the digitalYEWFLO vortex flowmeter and uses the data to automatically select the optimum adjustment for the application, providing features never seen before in a vortex flowmeter.
  • SSP accurately senses vortices in the low flow range, providing outstanding flow stability.

Advanced self-diagnostics

  • Application conditions such as high pipeline vibration and abnormal flow are predicted and indicated.

High accuracy

  • ±0.75% of reading (liquid)
  • ±1.0% of reading (gas, steam)

Wide process temperature range

  • High temperature version up to 450 deg C
  • Cryogenic version minimum -196 deg C

Simple parameter settings

  • Frequently-used selections grouped together in a quick-access format decrease commissioning time

Clear, concise indicator

  • Convenient display of the simultaneous and total flow rates together with the process diagnosis

Dual output for analog/pulse

  • Simultaneous output for flow rate and pulse

Alarm output

  • An alarm signal is output when an alarm occurs.

BRAIN/HART communication and key switches for human-machine interface

NACE compliant

NAMUR 43 compliant

Remote cable length up to 30m



Durability through simple design and construction.

Cryogenic DY Reliability


Advanced Self-diagnostics

Provides diagnostic messaqges on high vibration enviroments, excessive flow fluctuations, and clogging or pluggingin the area around the shedder bar. Analysis of the process allows true condition-based maintenance.

Advanced Self-diagnostics


High Process Temperature Version
Cryogenic Version
Reduced Bore Type
ModelModel DY
Vortex Flowmeter
(Remote Type)
Combination with model DYA
Vortex Flow Converter
(Remote Type)
Option for High Process Temperature Version: /HT,
Option for Cryogenic Version: /LT
Option: /R1, /R2
1 size down: /R1
2 size down: /R2
(Option for High Process Temperature Version: /HT)
Fluid to be MeasuredLiquid, Gas, Steam (Avoid Multiphase Flow and Sticky Fluids)
Nominal SizeWafer15 to 100 mmN/A
Flange15 to 400 mmR1: 25 to 200 mm
(Detector: 15 to 150 mm)
R2: 40 to 200 mm
(Detector: 15 to 100 mm)
AccuracyLiquid±0.75% of Reading
(Depends on Reynolds number)
±1.0% of Reading
(Depends on Reynolds number)
±1.0% of Reading
(Depends on flow velocity)
Output SignalDual Output (Both analog and pulse output available)
Communication: HART 5/HART 7, BRAIN, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus
Process Temperature-29 to 450 deg C (/HT)
-196 to 100 deg C (/LT)
-29 to 250 deg C
-29 to 450 deg C (/HT)
Process Pressure-0.1MPa (-1kg/cm2) to flange rating
Ambient Temperature-29 to 85 deg C (Depends on model type)
Ambient Humidity5 to 100% RH (No Condensation)
MountingFlange or Wafer Type
JIS 10/20/40K
ANSI 150/300/600/900
DIN PN 10/16/25/40/60/100/160
Flange Type only
JIS 10/20K
ANSI 150/300
Electrical ConnectionJIS G1/2 Female, ANSI 1/2NPT Female, ISO M20×1.5 Female
Explosion Protected TypeTIIS Ex d, FM Ex d/Ex ia, ATEX Ex d/Ex ia,
CSA Ex d/Ex ia, IECEx Ex d, SAA Ex ia
MaterialBody: Stainless steel (Special: Hastelloy, Carbon steel)
Shedder Bar: Duplex stainless steel (Option: Stainless steel, Hastelloy)
Gasket: Stainless steel with Teflon coating (/HT: with Silver plating)
Converter housing, case and cover: Aluminum alloy (Option: Stainless steel)