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Yokogawa DM7560 Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digit

Vendor: Yokogawa

A flexible 6.5-digit digital multimeter with high-accuracy, high-speed data logging (up to 30k S/s) with deep 100k reading memory and built-in statistical analysis.

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  • Full-color,high-resolution display with flexible display formats
  • High-speed data logging with up to 30 k points per second
  • High-capacity internal memory up to 100 k points
  • Trend / histogram analysis available both in real-time and offline
  • Multiple PC interface options (USB, Ethernet, GP-IB, RS-232) enable automation


  • Monitoring battery current consumption 
  • Sensor testing 
  • Production testing
  • R&D / service
  • Voltage reference testing


Flexible Display Formats

A large 4.3-inch high-resolution display provides comprehensive data observation using a flexible combination of primary and secondary display areas.

DM7560 4.3 Display

Display combination examples

DM7560 Trend Chart Statistic

Trend chart + Statistics

The DMM7560 can show different types of visualizations on the display. In this case, the top displays a time-domain trend plot and the lower region displays statistics of this data.

Numerical Value Frequency

Numerical value + Frequency + Analog meter
Users can display the input signal voltage and frequency side-by-side with numeric values and indicators.

High-speed data logging

Maximum 30 k S/s data logging rate

In bulk mode, data can be logged to the internal memory with high sample rates of up to 30 k S/s. Data logged to the memory can be copied to a USB memory device and analyzed on the PC.

* When DCV, DCI, 2 WΩ, 4 WΩ functions.

DM7560 Mixmum 30kS

Setting the DM7560 to 30 kS/sec enables users to see the details of a 10 ms pulse width, on a 2 Vpp measurement.

High capacity memory
An internal memory of 100 k points enables long-term, high-resolution data logging even for high sample rates. Continuous measurement of over 27 hours is possible with a sample rate of 1 S/s.

Available logging time at each sampling rate


Sampling Rate (S/s)11k30k
Logging time (h:m:s)27:46:400:01:400:00:03


Triggered data logging

Trigger events such as the measured LEVEL, LIMIT or EXTERNAL TRIGGER can stop logging. Users can specify the amount of data to store after an event occurs.

DM7560 Logging Like Oscilloscope

SIGNAL LEVEL events can stop data logging.

PC-based Analysis

Users can transfer readings to a PC file for more detailed analysis.

DM7560 Analysi By Using PC

Offline data analysis in the DM7560

Yield rate measurement

By setting upper and lower limit values as the cursor position on the histogram display, user can display the number of data, ratio to whole data (%) and yield rate.

DM7560 Measurement Of Yield Rate

Yield rate and other calculations are available using cursor controls on the histogram display.

Time trend analysis
In the trend chart, statistic data in a selected time range can be calculated.

DM7560 Time Trend Analysi

Statistical data such as the MAX/MIN/AVG of a cursor-specified range is calculated automatically.

In-depth analyses
Users can easily zoom to see a magnified part of the trend chart or display the zoomed region as a histogram.

DM7560 In Depth Analysi

Productivity Improvement

Judgment (GO/NO-GO) result analysis
Both the histogram and trend chart can display LIMIT judgment results. The number of captured NO-GO results is displayed in the histogram display, and the timing when NO-GO results were captured is clearly displayed in the trend chart.

DM7560 Judgement Result Analysi

Display in large fonts
Easily seen from a distance.

DM7560 Large Font

Connection Interface

Front Panel

DM7560 Front Panel


Rear Panel

DM7560 Rear Interface 1

DM7560 Rear Key 1


Current clamp  probe 96095 thumbnail

Current clamp probe 96095

AC/DC clamp probe
AC: 130 A (40 Hz to 1 kHz)
DC: ±180 A

758917 DMM Measurement Lead Set thumbnail

758917 DMM Measurement Lead Set

A set of 0.8m long red and black test leads, used in combination with a pair of optional 758922 or 758929 alligator-clip adapters.

758922 Small Alligator-Clip Adapter 300V thumbnail

758922 Small Alligator-Clip Adapter 300V

Rated at 300 V. Attaches to the 758917 test leads. Sold in pairs.

758923 Spring Hold Safety Terminal Adapter Set thumbnail

758923 Spring Hold Safety Terminal Adapter Set

Two adapters in a set (spring-hold type).

758929 Large Alligator Clip Adapter 1000V thumbnail

758929 Large Alligator Clip Adapter 1000V

Rated at 1000V. Attaches to the 758917 test leads. Sold in pairs.

758931 Screw-Fastened Safety Voltage Terminal Adapter Set thumbnail

758931 Screw-Fastened Safety Voltage Terminal Adapter Set

Screw-fastened adapters. Two adapters in a set. 1.5 mm Allen Wrench.

758933 Measurement lead thumbnail

758933 Measurement lead

2 pieces (red and black) in 1 set
length: 1.00 m
Used in combination with the 701959, 758921, 758922, or 758929
Rating: 1000 V CAT III/19 A

751539–E2 Rack mounting kit

lnch rack mounting for one DM7560 unit

751539–J2 Rack mounting kit

Millimeter rack mounting for one DM7560 unit

751540–E2 Rack mounting kit

lnch rack mounting for two DM7560 units

751540–J2 Rack mounting kit

Millimeter rack mounting for two DM7560 units