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Yokogawa MY600 Digital Insulation Tester

Vendor: Yokogawa

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Insulation testing made simpler

  • Featuring enhanced measurement response times of 0.5 seconds and new functionallity for PASS/FAIL Judgement and Polarization Index and Dielectirc Absoprtion Ratio testing
  • Ability to log up to a 1000 data points to internal memory for offline analysis to a PC
  • Automatic LED backlight when working in remote areas with low visibility

Guaranteed reliability for every scenario

  • Large voltage generation and resistance measurement ranges to suit a wide variety of insulaiton types
  • Basic voltage measurement accuracy of +/- 1% of reading and resistance measurement of +/- 2% of reading with the ability to measure up to 4000 MΩ
  • Power off function that minimizes idle time and conserves battery life
  • Built-in auto-ranging for improved resolution at lower resistance levels
  • IP40 Protection Grade for enhanced ruggedness in harsh enviornments


Measurement Functions

  • Wide Insulation Test Voltages: 50V to 1,000 V
  • AC Voltage: 2 Vrms to 600 Vrms (45 to 65 Hz)
  • DC Voltage: +/- 2 to 600 Vdc
  • Low-Resistance: 40.00 to 4,000 Ω

Measurement Accuracy

  • Voltage (AC & DC): 0.1% of reading +/- 4 digits
  • Resistance: ±2.5% reading ±8 digit (0.20 to 4000 Ω) ±8 digit (0.00 to 0.19 Ω)

Other Features

  • Two colors for judging measurement results
  • USB Version 1.1 Compliant
  • Insulation Detioration Diagnosis
  • Automatic LED and Backlight
  • Line probe with switch

Two colors for judging measurement results

Set a desired reference value with the comparator function, and it will judge PASS (Green) or FAIL (Red) of a measurement result.

Approximately 0.5 s high-speed measurement*

The measurement time of insulation resistance is approx. 0.5 s, which contributes to reducing the operation time.
*Under the conditions specified by Yokogawa, it may take time to measure due to the influence of capacitive component of a measuring target.

USB Version 1.1 Compliant

PC communication is possible with the dedicated USB  communication adaptor (91030). Users can save as many as 1000  measurements to the internal memory from which data required for report generation, such as measurement data/time, measured value and range can be transmitted to a PC via communication.

91030 USB  communication adaptor (Sold separately)


Driver installation is required to use the 91030 USB communication adaptor.

Insulation deterioration diagnosis (PI and DAR measurement*)

The increase and decrease of resistance value can be measured by continuously measuring the insulation resistance for a prescribed time. The insulation deterioration of the unit under test can be diagnosed by this increase/  decrease. This parameter is useful for preventive maintenance of industrial automation equipment such as  Magnetic Flow Meters or electrical equipment.
*PI: Polarization Index (Resistance after 10 minutes and Resistance after 1 minute)
DAR: Dielectric Absorption Rate (Resistance after 1 minute and Resistance after 15 seconds)

Auto lighting backlight and LED light

MY600 has a backlight that automatically lights up in a dark place, as well as an LED light to illuminate objects.

Line probe with switch

Users can turn measurement on/  off with the hand switch on the line probe, allowing them to work more efficiently. This probe is included with the unit. 


Resistance Measurement Accuracy (tolerance): Within 1 year of shipment

Rated Measuring Voltage50V100V125V250V500V1000V
Maximum Effective Reading100 MΩ200 MΩ250 MΩ500 MΩ2000 MΩ4000 MΩ
First Effective Measuring Range0.100 to 10.00 MΩ0.100 to 20.00 MΩ0.100 to 25.00 MΩ0.100 to 50.00 MΩ0.100 to 500 MΩ0.100 to 1000 MΩ
Accuracy at First Effective Measuring Range±2% reading ±2 digit
Second Effective Measuring Range10.01 to 100 MΩ20.01 to 200.0 MΩ25.01 to 250.0 MΩ50.1 to 500 MΩ501 to 2000 MΩ1001 to 4000 MΩ
Accuracy at Second Effective Measuring Range±5% reading
Accuracy at 0.050 to 0.099 MΩ±2% reading ±4 digit
Accuracy at 0.000 to 0.049 MΩ±2% reading ±6 digit


Other Specifications

Accuracy (tolerance): Within 1 year of shipment

AC Voltage Measurement Range2 Vrms to 600 Vrms (45-65 Hz)
DC Voltage Measurement Range±(2.0 to 600) Vdc
AC/DC Voltage Measurement Accuracy±1% reading ±4 digit
Low Resistance Measurement Range40.00/400.0/4000 Ω (Auto range)
Low Resistance Measurement Accuracy±2.5% reading ±8 digit (0.20 to 4000 Ω) ±8 digit (0.00 to 0.19 Ω)
Display4000 Counts Digital Display
Built-in FunctionsPI/DAR, PASS/FAIL with indicator, USB communication, Auto LED light
Measurement CategoriesCAT III 600V
Protection GradeIP40


91030 USB communication adaptor thumbnail

91030 USB communication adaptor

USB communication dedicated cable between PC and the main unit

Infrared communication adaptor and Communications cable (USB) 1 set.
CD contents: Communication driver, User’s manual, Install manual.

93045 Soft case thumbnail

93045 Soft case

Main baby and accessoryhousing

98008 Line probe with remote switch thumbnail

98008 Line probe with remote switch

Length: 1.4 m, MY600 only

98009 Earth probe set thumbnail

98009 Earth probe set

Length: 2.0 m, Earth probe and alligator clip adapters

99012 Probe tip (hook type) thumbnail

99012 Probe tip (hook type)

Size: 61.9 × 26 mm

99018 Shoulder strap thumbnail

99018 Shoulder strap

For hanging the main body during measurement