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Yokogawa ROTAMASS 3

Vendor: Yokogawa

ROTAMASS is the integral and remote type Coriolis Mass Flow Meter. Both types have highly refined digital signal processing electronics, so that accurate and stable mass flow measurement is achieved.

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Coriolis Flow Meter ROTAMASS employs a flame-proof type converter case suitable for use in the hazardous area together with its intrinsically safety type detector.

Coriolis Flow Meter ROTAMASS's signal processing, housing protection and its detector's special decoupling system against external loads and vibrations, realize high performance in real applications.


The RotaMASS 3 Series mass flow meter features a heavy wall, seamless, dual tube design uniquely decoupled from any process vibration or pipeline stress guaranteeing reliability and output stability. Nine different detectors enable customization of the meter for the best combination of mass flow range, pressure drop, and accuracy at the lowest possible cost. The versatile RotaMASS can be used in the most difficult applications from cryogenics to molten liquids as well as sanitary applications and aggressive chemicals. With its multi-measurement and multi-parameter capability, the RotaMASS is essentially a process control station. The state of the art converter provides a wealth of features including remote configuration via HART, multiple languages, advanced diagnostics, infrared programming and a four-line display for easy setup and operation.

  • Field transmitter for nearly all fluids
  • Refined digital signal processing enables accurate and stable measurement
  • High accuracy and high stability over a wide range
  • A special detector coupling system makes the device highly independent from external loads or vibrations
  • Wide temperature range -200 deg C to 350 deg C


1: Revolutionary box-in-box design

box-in-box designComplete decoupling from vibration and stress

  • Rugged reliability
  • Immune to vibration
  • Stable output in the most demanding applications
  • Install anywhere versatility

The ROTAMASS advantage

  • Simple, patented box-in-box design mechanically decouples measurement tubes from process vibration and mechanical stress

The benefits to you

  • High performance assured in real world applications
  • High reliability and output stability
  • The ability to mount ROTAMASS where you need it most, even directly on pumps and engines
  • Easy to install even when piping is slightly misaligned

2: Superior drainability

Superior drainabilityKeeps maintenance to a minimum and maximizes uptime

  • Simple self-draining design

The ROTAMASS advantage

  • Simple flow-path: no flat sections or 90˚ angles that can trap process fluids, sediments, and gas bubbles in measurement tubes
  • No need to shut down process to clean tubes

The benefits to you

  • No stalling or dropouts/increased uptime
  • Excellent zero point stability and improved accuracy
  • Lower maintenance costs
3: Durable heavy-wall construction

Stable performance whatever the application

  • Rated for high line pressures
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Stable output assured in all process conditions

The ROTAMASS advantage

  • Thick, seamless measurement tubes rated for process pressures up to 280 bar (4000 psi)
  • Higher resistance to corrosion and mechanical abrasion
  • The 150 Hz excitation frequency possible with the thicker tube avoids interference from process vibration in the 40-60 Hz range and prevents problems such as liquid separation and damage to complex / cellular structures that can happen at frequencies about 500 Hz.

The benefits to you

  • Increased safety
  • The ability to measure a wider range of process fluids, even aggressive chemicals, under all kinds of operating conditions
  • Longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs
  • Minimal pressure effects, for greater accuracy
  • Greater ease of installation and improved stability of output

4: Lighter and smaller

Lighter and smaller
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Easy, low-cost and flexible installation

  • Lightweight design
  • Small footprint

The ROTAMASS advantage

  • The lightest product in its class - does not require special installation equipment or expensive additional supports
  • The most compact coriolis mass flow meter on the market

The benefits to you

  • Reduced installation cost and time
  • The ability to install ROTAMASS where you need it most

5: Advanced diagnostics

State of the art detection of entrained gas and corrosion

  • Utilizes the latest digital signal processing technologies

Mass flow output

Alarm levelThe ROTAMASS advantage

  • Mass flow output stays steady and true with high levels of entrained gas
  • Slug flow (large gas bubble) causes a sudden and prolonged shift in density and drive gain. Mass flow output stays steady and true.
  • Automatic corrosion detection
  • A long-term fluid density error triggers a corrosion alarm when the fluid density reaches a predefined level

The benefits to you

  • Accuracy that you can depend on in the most critical custody transfer applications
  • Early detection of piping failures and optimum scheduling of maintenance operations


  • Refined digital signal processing enables accurate and stable measurement
  • Simple flow path means self-draining, food capable and simple to clean
  • High accuracy and high stability over a wide range
  • Accurate density measurement, up to +/- 1 g/l
  • Two analog outputs, 2 pulse outputs or status-out and one status-in as standard I/O
  • Available in Explosion Proof versions
  • Wide temperature range -200 deg C to 350 deg C
  • Microprocessor-based multifunction capability
  • EEPROM protects parameter settings and totalized values
  • During power failure of any duration
  • High visibly LCD display
  • HART communication function
  • Intrinsically safe outputs as an option
  • Several tube materials available
  • EN or ANSI flanges as standard
  • Other process connections on request